Wind maintenance technician
Wind maintenance technician
  • Sevilla, Spain
  • November 28, 2023

Dear Recruiter;

I am writing to you with great interest in applying for the position of Wind
Maintenance Technician in your prestigious company.

As a renewable energy enthusiast, I am certified as a Wind Maintenance Technician,
knowledge that allows me to develop the Preventive and Corrective maintenance of
wind turbines through Troubleshooting.

During my professional career, I have worked as a professional firefighter, developing
different aptitudes and skills such as physical endurance, courage, technical skills,
teamwork, adaptability, effective communication, critical thinking, emotional
resilience, responsibility and leadership; this allowed me to be able to perform work
in large imminent contingencies in a calm, safe and successful way.
In addition, I am trained as a fire, rescue and safety technician. This allowed me to
occupy the position of industrial safety advisor in the company AgroInverca;
ensuring and applying the regulations and legislation, as well as in the process of
safety techniques, identify risks and evaluate dangerous situations, transmit
information clearly and concisely to workers, recognize and solve problems related
to industrial safety efficiently and effectively, make quick and appropriate decisions
in emergency situations, lead and motivate workers on safety issues, promoting a
culture of safety in the workplace.

I am convinced that my experience, knowledge, dedication and passion for the job
make me the ideal candidate to join your maintenance team.
I appreciate the attention you can give to my application and I am at your disposal
to provide any additional information you may require.
I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of your

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Wind Farm Maintenance Technician @ Asociacion Empresarial Eolica
Oct 2023 — Nov 2023

-Ensure the correct functioning and safe operation of wind turbines.
-Perform regular inspections of the turbines to identify potential problems or failures.
-Perform preventive and corrective maintenance, repair and replace damaged components, perform performance testing and analysis, and carry out electrical and mechanical maintenance work.
-Ensure compliance with safety and quality standards set by the manufacturer and current regulations.
-Ensure the efficient and safe operation of wind turbines, thus ensuring the production of renewable energy.

Machining Technician @ I.E.S. Politécnico
Sep 2021 — Jun 2023

Executing machining processes by chip removal, forming and special procedures, preparing, programming, operating machine tools and verifying the product obtained, complying with quality, safety and environmental protection specifications.

Technician in Fire, Rescue and Safety Sciences @ Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Bomberil
Sep 2011 — May 2015

- Fire prevention and control
- Fire investigation
- Emergency planning
- Training and education
- Response coordination
- Workplace safety
- Rescue and lifesaving


Practical/Machining Operator @ Cable Box
Mar 2023 — Jun 2023

- C.N.C. Lathe Start-up and Feeding. - Drilling
and countersinking of parts.
- Verification and Measurement.
- Drawing Interpretation.

Industrial Safety Advisor @ AgroInverca
Jun 2015 — Mar 2017

- Risk assessment and strategy development.
- Development of security policies and procedures. -
Employee training.
- Maintenance of security equipment.
- Record keeping and documentation.

firefighter @ fire brigade Venezuela
Mar 2010 — Apr 2017

- Fire Fighting (Urban, Forest, Vehicular).
- Rescue (Urban and Mountain).
- Pre-Hospital Care.
- Level 1 Haz-Mat.

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